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Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB Charging Ports

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Product Description


This Universal Travel Adapter has a two piece design that serves as a 2 port USB charger for your devices when in the US, but once out of the Country, provides World Wide Coverage for over 150 Countries (including US, UK, EU, and AU)!

The compact travel adapter will power your laptop, computer, or other portable devices through the Universal AC power output, while also allowing you to charge 2 USB devices simultaneously -- including tablets, phone and other portable USB devices. Port 1 supports 2100mA -- which is enough to charge iPads, and power hungry devices at full speed, while Port 2 supports 1000mA for charging your phones and other USB devices.

Comes standard with LED lights that will indicate ON/OFF status for both powered devices and USB devices to notify you when power is being transmitted through either ports. 

AC Input: 125V 6A or 250V 3A
AC output: 125 / 250V Output = Input
Fuse: 3A 250V / 6A 250V

USB Output:
Port 1: DC 5V 2.1A
Port 2: DC 5V 1A
RoHS compliant: Yes
FC: Yes
CE: Yes


The AC power port does not convert power voltage. Please ensure your mobile device and electronics are rated to handle both 120 ~ 125V and 220-250V standards.

If your electronic US power plug device does not support 220-250V, please do not use this adapter.


Specifications: 59 x 51 x 42mm
Item Code: UAB2

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