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Mini Liquid Penguin Paperweight

SKU: TGP72B204Available Order Delivered Within 24 Hours

Product Description

Watch as these cute and adorable little penguins sway side to side riding the small waves you create. This liquid motion toy is very calming to watch and weirdly satisfying as well. Kids can spend hours of fun playing and shaking the toy around for hours to keep them entertained. The liquid inside comes in a blue color, which resembles ocean water. Additionally, the toy is small and portable, so kids can take it around where ever they go.

2 adorable swaying penguins inside of the toy
Made out of sturdy plastic, so even if kids drop it a couple of times it will not likely break
Very entertaining for kids
Vivid blue liquid that resembles the ocean water
Lightweight and portable, so kids can take the toys anywhere they go

Package Contents:
1 x Liquid Penguin

Recommended Age: 3+ 
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