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Dessert Shop 40 piece Luxury Supermarket Grocery Playset

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Product Description

It's the deluxe ice cream and dessert playset stand that lets kids be their own boss of their own sweet little dessert stand. Kids will love this playset simply because there are a variety of dessert to choose from!  This playset is great for creative play and kids can sell their ice cream to friends and family. It has built in working scanner and a cash register that double as a real calculator for even more realistic pretend play! Great for role playing and creates a social environment for kids. Comes with a variety of pretend ice cream, dessert, and other ice cream product.

Deluxe dessert shop comes with a variety of ice cream, desserts, and other ice cream product.
It has built in working scanner and the cash register has a real working calculator
Desserts and ice cream come in a vivid bright colors that makes it even more delicious looking
It's simple and easy to assemble for parents, so kids will have more time role playing
This is great for role playing with friends and kids can practice with their social skills.

Package Contents:
40 piece dessert shop playset

Recommended Age: 3+
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