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Deluxe Doctor Medical Kit Playset (Blue)

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Product Description

This doctor set is fun! It comes with 17 different medical tools. The play tools include stethoscope, reflex hammer, otoscope, syringe needle, clamp, scissor, thermometer, magnifier and flashlight. Also includes scalpel, clip, tongue depressor, dish, name-tag, clipboard, and empty bandage boxes. These tools have cool functions. When you press the stethoscope, the heart lights up and makes heartbeat sounds. The syringe has spring action. The reflex hammer, otoscope, thermometer, magnifier and flashlight light up. The clamp can be used to grab items. Most tools measure around 5 inches long. The stethoscope is much longer. Batteries are included. 

17 Medical Tools
Lights Up & Sounds
Spring Action, Clamp
Box Dimensions: 13" x 6" x 6"

Package Contents:
17 Various Medical Tools (see description)


Recommended Age: 3+
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