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6" 3-D Mirascope

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Product Description

This unique toy takes a small object and uses an optical illusion to create a fascinating 3D projection. A small object like the little plastic frog (included with order) and place it for display. There are different effects that you can do with the mirascope and you will be simply astonished. Leave it on your office desk and watch all friends or family be fascinated by the effects it makes.

Mirascope creates a stunning 3D visual holographic projection using a small object
Adorable plastic frog comes included with the mirascope, so you can see how it works
There are different visual effects  that you can choose from and they are simply amazing to see
The mirascope is great for kids imagination and creative fun
Friends and family will definitely be amazed by the visual effects and projections of the object.

Package Contents:
1 x 6" Mirascope
1 x Small plastic frog

Recommended Age: 6+
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