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8 Trending Fall & Winter Clothes for Kids

8 Trending Fall & Winter Clothes for Kids

1. Bright/Neon Color Palette

For the past half of the decade, neutral color palettes have ruled over the fashion arena, however, this winter we expect to see bright colors saturating the styles. More looks that will feature dominant bright colours or combination of vivid colors. Parents can sneak in that little extra pop, like a bold sneaker or hat to spice up some neutrals or can go all out!

And don't shy away from borderline ridiculous combinations, either. Some of our favorite kid influencer and celebrity outfits take advantage of the color blocking trend, and there are so many shades that pair perfectly together such as Monochromes with neon’s.


2. Pattern Face Masks

When it comes to protecting yours kids, you may as well do it beautifully. These intricate colorful patterns on face masks match almost any outfit your kid wears, and they offer great coverage for their nose and mouth. Parents can opt for a silky fabric for easier breathing or choose something with embellishments if feeling fancy. The beauty behind this face-covering offers the limitless styling opportunities that come along with it. Style your kid in anything from a red coat to a color-blocking suit, and they will look exceptionally stylish. From an accordion-style to a traditional shape, there are so many choices that will keep your kid and others safe.


3. Animal Prints and Accessories Remain a Trend

It is not just the feature garments and separates that will show off more animal themes. Accessories will take on the look more of animals, too. There are more backpacks and purses shaped like animals, and more head to toe looks will incorporate animal-themed textiles and animal graphics. We expect children to go wild for this trend.


4. The “Mini-me” trend

The “mini-me” trend where girls dress in similar clothes to those that moms wear, and boys sport the same trends as their fathers. Adult fashion trends such as bling or velvet which have found a place in the kids wear space. Parents are becoming increasingly experimental when it comes to shopping their child’s look. From head to toe, we expect to see children stepping out in more looks specifically tailored to their personalities and needs.




5. Fantasy Florals

Flowers, which signify new beginnings, will be dominant trend for 2021. Floral garments will bring sophistication to kids’ fashion and will also add a softer choice in comparison to other trends we see. Expect to see both casual and formal looks that incorporate floral themes. There will be more garments dominated by floral design and more fashions that use floral accents.


6. Textures and Dimensions Bring Life to Looks

We are thrilled that kids’ fashion choices will incorporate more texture and patterns. This Winter we expect to see an emergence of puffed sleeves, and puffed details to add personality and intrigue. A voluminous dress creates the perfect one-and-done look (especially for video calls), and puff-sleeved tops quickly make leggings, jeans, and even sweats feel fancy.

We also expect to see more dimensions added to looks through checkered patterns this winter as well as Pleated garments will also be very popular.


 7. Non Gender Clothing

Anyone who shops for kids clothing will know what awaits them in many high street stores. Pink and purple clothes with unicorns and fairies for girls and dinosaurs, trucks and spaceships in green and blue for boys. However, times are changing. Girls like dinosaurs and there’s no reason why boys cannot wear pink, and this is being reflected on the high street.


In 2017, John Lewis became the first retailer to ditch the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from its childrens’ clothing range and Clarks announced that’s its 2018 range will be designed with an ‘entirely unisex approach’. There are now many online retailers such as Little Bird and Mini Rodini who are also offering fun, unisex kids wear.


8. Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and as a result of this kids clothing is seeing a shift towards sustainability.

Sustainability is considered as reducing the environmental impact from the production process. It also concerns ethical guidelines are in place when it comes to safe working practices in factories, and ensuring a fair wage is paid.


More and more Kid fashion retailers are working towards clothing that will be 100% per cent renewable, with fair working practices and using sustainably sourced materials by 2030. They are also pledgeding to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from its production process by 2040. ‘Conscious Kids’ collections are leading the way, with all items made from sustainable materials including ones that are recycled, organic or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). With environmentally conscious clothing, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your little one is wearing baby clothes that have been made with future generations in mind.