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6 Trending Toddler Summer Styles

6 Trending Toddler Summer Styles

Summertime outfits are all about light fabrics, loose fitted clothes, and versatile essentials. If you’re thinking about curating a summer-friendly closet with adorable toddler outfits, you’ve come to the right place.

The heat and humidity of summer call for breezy and breathable statements that allow the skin to breathe. You need to pick up a few essentials that are versatile and can be mixed together to create several outfit options. In this article, we will walk you through some of our best-selling clothing items that create adorable toddler girl outfits and cool toddler boy statements.

Here, take a look:


1. Bodysuit Season

Our Newborn pastel body suit set is one of the most delightful toddler set to beat the heat with, and make an adorable statement. Bodysuits are summer-friendly and breezy, and provide the best type of comfort for kids. Kids adore the breezy and breathable fit of bodysuits, as they tend to be very elastic, and comfy on their skin. This adorable bodysuit set, in particular, doesn’t require much styling and is a ready-to-rock outfit for party-dates to staycations.


2. Two-piece Sets

Give your little one a breezy, beach-inspired statement with our intensely adorable newborn two-piece sets. A truly one-of-its-kind creation, this best-selling tank top and shorts set is incredibly popular one amongst our Sattva kids. It rocks and mellows soothing blue color palette in two iconic shades that range from pastels and neutrals to subtle and mellow. He will be missing out if this isn’t in his summer closet range!


3.Verstaile Bibs.

A trending and timeless toddler accessory includes Baby Bibs. They are incredibly versatile and super-functional. They’re lightweight, adjustable, and you can pair them up or style them casual with any given clothing item in your little one’s closet. For a fun play date, you can pair it up with our ruffled short sleeve top or a tank top. Your newborn will be falling short without these cute Bibs.


4. Printed Tank Top Adventure!

What’s not to love about printed tank tops? Our unique Bambini Girls Printed Tank Top is the perfect summer-friendly outfit for your toddler. It creates an eclectic and comical statement that can be paired with khaki pants, shorts or even our popular camo pants. This is a creative and fun-loving outfit that will certainly win over your child’s approval with its rich illustrations.


5. Neutral Jogger Pants

The Neutral Jogger pants promise both: sassiness and comfort. They are comfortable and loose fitted, and guarantee to keep your toddler comfy with its breathability and pleasantness. It is a must-have summer essential to create an easy-going, light and comfy outfit. Its versatile color palette can work with cute tops and graphic t-shirts for your sassy toddler.


6. Stylish Boys Shorts

Give your toddler boy a smart, and street savvy outfit in our variety of cool toddler boy shorts. Our pure cotton boy’s shorts really take the spot light. They are versatile shorts that are a valuable investment for lasting functional wear. Keep him happy and free moving for all his summer activities in these cute but cool shorts. Pair them with his favorite tee, and he is ready to take on the world!


We hope our roundup won you over with our adorable offerings. You can shop these looks at our store right away. Come, take a look!