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5 Back to School Styles For Boys

We all have a lot of back-to-school stress to deal with this year, this year more so than the usual frantic gathering of school supplies, figuring out afternoon pickup and getting your kids back on a regular weekly schedule. Figuring out what your child should wear shouldn’t be yet another stressor on your list. That’s why we did the work for you and pulled together stylish outfits to get your family through the first month of school in style, whether that means in the classroom or over video calls.

Stick to Classics

Stressed about going back to school? Not sure what your son will want to wear? Parents should Opt for something simple and classic. Similar to a school uniform, these outfits will make it easy to get dressed in the morning without any tantrums. Stripes are always a crowd favorite, and a comfy pair of khakis can go a long way. Parents can finish his back-to-school look with a cool pair of Adidas shoes and a classic JanSport backpack, and they’ll have casual cool nailed.


Graphic Tees

Lets ride into a new school year with the coolest gear in the game. Graphic T-shirts are every dude’s favorite thing to quickly throw on in the morning. Instead of wearing the usual jeans or khakis, Parents can meet their kids in the middle with a pair of comfy cargo joggers. Not only are they really on-trend, but they’re also super comfortable and easy to move around in. Add a pair of fresh kicks and a new Adidas backpack, and his back-to-school style will be off the charts. 

Active wear

If your little guy is mad about sports, revamp his wardrobe with some new pieces for this school year. Choose tees and shorts that can easily be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks that will keep him looking and feeling his best. Upgrade to a bigger backpack with enough room for notebooks and folders along with trendy pair of basketball shoes, and he’ll actually be a little excited to go back to school. 


Comfort First

Sweatpants may once have been something to wear to bed or to lounge around the house in, but as we all know that's no longer the case. Parents can easily dress sweats up and make them look a lot more stylish than we ever thought they could be, creating an outfit your child can rock just about anywhere. 

Pick fitted pairs, like leggings or recycled tie-dye joggers, with Organic Oversized Tee shirts that fit well and feels comfortable.

Instead of reaching for a sweatshirt when heading outside, style their sweatpants with a blazer or coat that will immediately make them look more put together. Think: a belted trench, a puffer jacket, or a more casual denim jacket. The coat will give the sweats a more dressed-up feel than a sweatshirt might. 



Street Style

In 2021, Back to School Attire will allow more Street Styles that have a free cut which doesn’t hinder movement. The overall look, in the end, turns out to be somewhat sloppy, but correctly chosen things won’t allow a child to look untidy.

In a boy’s wardrobe there must be free jeans and windbreakers. Under a windbreaker style them in a button down shirt or a golf. Jumpers along with Bomber jackets will also be very popular. It will be important that garments in composition have the maximum proportion of natural fabrics that allow for warmth and comfort.