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2021 Children's Fashion Trends

2021 Children's Fashion Trends

·       Earth Inspired Colour Palette

The color palettes for 2021 Kids Fashion will stand out with an excess of green and earthy tones. Bleached colors inspired by sustainable dyes such as soap nut, intense rust, and clove will be at the forefront.  These days where we all need energy and freedom, nature-inspired indoor garden colors, ocean and sea themes, tropical patterns, ornaments, and handcrafted details will also be very popular. In this context, we will encounter lots of fresh buds, ivy, daisy patterns, large tropical plant patterns, and animal patterns.

 Additionally, the festive themes will be another substantial factor in influencing children’s clothing. This will comprise of products dominated with the breeze of the ‘70s and retro-looking themes presented in an integrated manner with nature symbols, handcrafted embroidery, and driving spiritual texts.


·       Genderless Clothing

With concepts such as diversity and unisex at the helm of every debate, we will observe a thorough inclination towards colours and themes that can be essentially deemed as  gender neutral or genderless. Among these colours are blue, melon, pink, peach soufflé, and soap nut.


·       Sustainable Clothing and Timeless Designs

The purchasing habits as well as product design preferences of the customer will be greatly influenced by the pandemic. In 2021, We will observe a shift towards durable, long lasting, comfortable and sustainable products owing to health, safety, and economic concerns amidst the pandemic. Products with longer life spans reinforced by timeless designs comprising of styles and materials that can be utilised in multiple seasons will be most popular. Moreover, these timelessly designed products can easily passed from one generation to another, and subsequently do not run the risk of becoming obsolete.


·       Stay at home clothing: Comfort and Convenience

The “stay at home” debate which has become the apotheosis of the post pandemic period will substantially influence fashion as comfort and convenience takes precedence over other factors.  Products entailing typographic messages and badges coupled with colour blocks, low shoulders, and plenty of pockets suitable for both home and beach wear alike will become the talk of the town. Such products will especially be popular amongst the Y Generation parents who give great weight age to versatility. Overalls, chakra jackets, trousers that form the workwear line will be essentially redesigned for children with softer and lighter fabric as they offer comfort and convenience.


·       Oversize Fashion

One of the leading trends in children fashion in the post pandemic will be the oversize clothing. Wide armholes, minimalist designs, layered use of colours and patterns is the essence of oversize clothing. These timeless designs with their seasonless appeal will be a crucial factor in driving potential customers towards these products.


·       Futuristic Sportswear

Warm neutral times together with pastel combinations will be the ultimate trend in sportswear. Technology and the dawn of digital age will continue to have its influence on the sportswear fashion. Metallic colours, elastic textures, and neon details will be highlight of the Spring-Summer season. For the shorts range, which is indispensable in summer, comfort coupled with everyday aesthetics will be at the forefront. The shorts range will entail soft colours, and will primarily be made from woven fabrics with elastic waist and gathered drawstrings. Summer t-shirts with large graphical patterns that draw inspiration from city life and beach themes and offer comfort will be introduced.